Post Thirty: Adoption Update, Finances & Fundraising

An adoption update is long-past due.We’re getting sort-of-really close to being put onto the waiting list. All we have left to do is finish our profile book (four pages left!), raise $7,666.35 and have an addendum added to the home study to inspect our new home.

Wait..  Raise $7,666.35?

When we first sat down with with our adoption agency we were under the impression that as long as we continually made payments towards the final $26,000 we would be okay. Knowing that was originally a big weight taken off of our shoulders. It made the big figure feel a little more do-able and less intimidating.

However, things have been changing within the agency and the financial department has become more strict with their payment policies. This has put us in a tough spot financially. Not only can we not move forward with our adoption until we pay the rest of the home study fees (the $7,666.35) but if we don’t pay it soon we could also be sent to collections. Having that happen would make getting grants very difficult. We had also thought that we could put grants towards this chunk, but found out that grant money cannot be put towards services that have been completed. Grants can, however, be put towards the placement fees, which is $12,900.

It is tough to share so openly about our financial needs. I think that it’s engraved in almost everyone to be shy about finances. It’s a vulnerable place to be and that can be scary. However, we feel that God has put it on our hearts to be transparent during this process. We knew going into adoption that it was going to be a lot of money. We trust that God’s got this. We are so so ready to be parents, to be honest we have been for 3 years, but we’ve felt God move in our lives and others through this time.

Even though we’re in a bit of a pickle right now, we’re also extremely blessed by the support we’ve raised so far. We’ve currently raised $5,250. We are so humbled and grateful for all of the support surrounding us by you all- our family & friends. Thank you. Thank you for your prayers and support. Please keep the prayers coming.  Even though we’re so ready to become parents, we do trust that God’s timing is perfect.

We’re also going to be starting a new fundraiser in August: Macaron Fundraiser! What better way is there to raise money to bring our Little Macaron home than to sell Macarons?

What are they? Macarons are a delicate French cookie made out of almond flour. (which also makes them gluten-free) In my opinion, they are the best little pastry in the world. There’s something special about the art that it takes to make them. There’s something even more special about the cookies having a sweet layer on the shell, crunching into a chewy center and mixing into a delicious filling. Here’s the flyer for the fundraiser:

Macaron Fundraiser-01.png

We would also like to humbly ask for donations. Would you kindly consider making a donation? Every penny is important and will help us bring our Little Macaron home. Any amount and anyone willing to give to help us grow our family is so greatly appreciated more than anyone could know.

Also, we would like to ask for you to share the flyer above to your friends & family. I’ll be posting it on Facebook as a public post so it can be shared easily.

Thank you all,

Channyn & Sam