Post Thirty-Eight: Profile Book

It has been a quiet past month on the Adoption front. I had a dream last night where Sam and I received The Call. We were just heading out to meet Mac when I woke up and realized that it wasn’t real. So to say the least, today has been tough. I know know know that God’s timing is perfect, but that doesn’t take away how my heart aches to hold him/her in my arms. I think that can be said for anyone waiting for their baby.

A prayer request would be that two EP’s will be viewing Profile Books this week, including ours. I’ve been meaning to post our book for a long time so figured now is a better time than any. Our book is one of the most personal things to share so I’m a bit hesitant, but looking at other families books is what helped me while making ours. So I pray that ours does the same for any families that are working on their own.

Also, whenever I find out an EP will be viewing our Profile Book I go into the nursery, rock in the chair, look through the book and pray. It can be easy to go down a line of thinking of, “What if our book is awful?” “What about our book made them not pick us?” etc. But when I look through ours God reminds me that it is 100% us and someday an EP will just click with it and choose us to parent the little life growing inside of them. That’s a pretty amazing thing. So here it is: (Note that it would be viewed better on a larger screen.)


Thank you for your prayers and support,

Mrs.Hess, out.

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