Post Forty-two: Adoption Funds Breakdown

We’ve been so busy continuing fundraising efforts that we’ve forgotten to take a step back and share with everyone how things are going with that. So in this post I’ll break down the numbers. Before I start, I want to say thank you. Thank you to everyone for your support through prayers, messages and financially. We are so blessed.

Adoption Cost: $26,000 not counting closing legal fees.

Raised: $11,000 through all of fundraisers to date.

Workers Comp: Remember my wrist injury while on the job? We were blessed this year to have finally closed the case with a lump sum. From that we were able to put $6,000 towards our adoption fund.

Ourselves: Being a nanny has been a huge blessing financially as well. We were able to set $3,000 aside last year and I just started watching her again in August so that amount will continue to grow. We’ve also been able to get all of the baby necessities so we’re all set for the arrival of Little Mac.

Total: $20,000 

What’s left to raise: $6,000. 

Current fundraisers: Macarons, Etsy Shop and other dessert orders. You may also donate to via PayPal at

I’ve started Macarons again this month and have had a few dessert orders. We’ve also started selling “not perfect” leftover desserts from these orders for discounted prices. When I do that 100% goes straight into the fund as the other costs have already been deducted from the order. I should start calling these the Guilt Free Desserts because not only are you getting a delicious treat, but you’re also benefiting The Hess Family Adoption Fund. It’s a win win. =)


I’ve also opened my Etsy Shop a little over a month ago. You can find handmade clothing designs in it. We’re also working on expanding with handmade signs and home decor. We’ll also be doing a few Craft Fairs this fall! You can find my shop at


As you can tell, we’ve been very busy continuing our fundraising efforts and are so thankful for the amazing support that we have had thus far. Thank you again to everyone. I just feel like I can’t say thank you enough. We are incredibly blessed.

On the Adoption front: We have no new updates. Just waiting for the call!

Thank you again,

-Channyn & Sam


2 thoughts on “Post Forty-two: Adoption Funds Breakdown

  1. Mind sending me your address? You can text it to me, if you dont want it put there….
    Continuing to watch your progress and pray for whomever the Lord has chosen for you! The time draws nearer….
    757 348 1573


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