Post Forty-four: Becoming Mom & Dad.

What a busy past month it has been! In the middle of January Sam and I went on a Mission’s trip to Haiti. We taught VBS for a week, took photographs of school time, Sam was the leader of worship and a few adult Bible studies and I helped paint colorful ABC’s, numbers, shapes and animals on classroom walls. It was a wonderful and fruitful trip.

We hadn’t had any news on the Adoption front since November, so before leaving we gave our social worker the okay to say yes on our behalf if any situations came up. We’d be unreachable for 10 days while we stayed in the boonies of Haiti. Since officially being on the Waiting List I don’t think that I’ve not had my phone on me, so it took a lot of faith and handing the control over to God to be without service for so long.

That’s just what we did. With the business of all the activities the possibility of missing The Call just sort of left my mind. I’d think of it once or twice a day and just kept handing it to God. It was wonderful really, pouring into His work, my relationship with God, growing my relationship with Sam and finding peace in not having control. We were kept busy working sun up to sun down. Haiti is a beautiful place, there’s great joy in the people among poverty. A simpler way of life. I learned just how much can be accomplished in an hour without any distractions from phones, television and boredom. I felt at peace within my self and with God, which it had been a while since I really had.

One thing that I’ve brought home from Haiti is confidence. Confidence in myself and confidence that God is big and His love is unending. Confidence that whenever He had planned for us to bring Mac home would be the perfect timing, would be His timing. Confidence that His timing truly is perfect, even if  it can be difficult and painful in the waiting. Lastly, confidence that He will provide and has already provided.


As we were heading home we joked about what if we had become mom and dad while in Haiti, but when we re-entered the land of service there was no messages from our SW waiting for us. Maybe she was just waiting for the 30th, which was the official day that we were returning home. We arrived at 3AM and I had a doctor’s appointment in Waldorf in the afternoon. Still no call came, so I made a plan to call our SW the next day.

I tried waiting until mid-morning to call, but the anticipation was killing me. Did no news mean, well, no news? I called her at 9AM and left a message. I started reading my Bible and finishing my coffee when she called back at 9:51. Her voice sounded chipper, which isn’t the tone I was used to. I was used to the, “I’m sorry, but this one wasn’t the one that God has planned for you guys” tone. She was asking about our trip, so I thought that she was just excited to hear about Haiti. When I was done with a blurb about our trip she asked if we were ready for our second adventure.

Hold on, what?! Does this mean what I think it does?! I cried for a solid 5 or so minutes while she waited for me to pull myself together to hear more about our child. She was born in the beginning of January. She?! We have a daughter?! You guys were chosen the day after you left for Haiti. We really did become mom & dad while in Haiti?! Would you guys be able to come in Thursday or Friday to meet her? We get to hold her, see her, meet her SOON?!

I called Sam sobbing. I’m not sure how he even understood what I had said to him. I think it was, “Just come home now.” Thankfully, his office is 10 minutes away and I greeted him holding the girl “worth the wait” onesie. Everything felt so surreal.  We were having lunch together when our SW called again to set up a time for us to come in.


The next day we were sitting in the room. The highly anticipated room that we heard about during training classes. The room where new-parents come in to visit with their child(ren) that are in Interim care. In the hall we heard our SW say, “Are you ready to meet your mom and dad?”

The minute that our daughter was placed into our arms the nearly 5 years of waiting for that exact moment made complete sense, only in the way that God can calm and provide clarity that the little girl we had just met, well He had her in the palm of His hands this entire time. How blessed are we to have her in ours now.

Let me tell you, she is beautiful and precious beyond words. Handing her back was difficult, but knowing that we’d see her again next week and then bring her home to following week made it a little bit easier. We spent the rest of the day  Thursday and Friday sharing with family and then on Saturday a friend came to capture our excitement to share the news with all of those who have been on this Adoption journey with us. There has been so much celebrating from ya’ll and we’re so grateful to have you sharing in our excitement.

I wanted to say thank you. Thank you all for your support through prayers, encouragement, fundraisers, reading our blog posts and now sharing in our excitement.  We feel so very loved and cannot wait for everyone to meet our daughter! We’re bringing her home on Feb. 13th!!!

We’ve also been overwhelmed by how many people have asked for us to create a registry so they could know how to help while we prepare to bring her home. We have been slowly preparing for this time for over a year now, but we’ve gone through the nursery and this is a list of things that we don’t have yet.

We’re registered at Babylist, which is a registry where you can add items from any store so you’re not limited to one place:

And of course hand-me-downs are wonderful too. =)


We’re just so excited to bring our little Mac home on the 13th! That’s 4 Days, 22 hours and 16 minutes away. Not that I’m counting down or anything.


We actually made a paper link chain. We made one when we were counting down for our wedding and I think  it’ll become a new tradition for big life changing events.


In the inside of each one is a note and Bible verses to read together each day.

Did I already say that we’re so so so excited to bring her home this coming Tuesday?!

Mrs.Hess, Mr. Sam & Lil Mac, out.


One thought on “Post Forty-four: Becoming Mom & Dad.

  1. My heart is just so full for you both! I’m so excited that this is where the Lord has you right now. Many many many blessings to the three of you as you begin this life-changing Aventure! You are so blessed! And I am so thankful!


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